Because they’re worth it

According to reports in the Irish Times and Irish Independent (here and here), a submission from the Irish University Association to the Review Body on Higher Remuneration in the Public Sector argues for a salary increase of up to 55 per cent for the seven heads of Ireland’s universities on the basis that they now face considerably greater complexity and accountability than heretofore in a global, highly competitive market. In fact, another article in today’s Irish Independent provides an intriguing vignette of how competitive the business of attracting students has become. The presidents’ jobs may indeed have got harder (they are certainly doing more, and more controversial things (see Sean Barrett and Tom Collins)). However, the jobs of all us at every level right across the sector have become that much harder. If they’re worth it, so are we.

Update 16 January 2007: Ed Walsh has weighed in on the side of the Presidents; John Walshe reports in the Irish Independent that the IUA has made a similar case to the Review Body on behalf of professors; and Sean Barrett has sounded a loud counterblast in favour of a pay boost for lecturers rather than presidents.