If voting changed anything …

Irish blog awards image… they’d make it illegal (so said Litunanian-American anarchist-feminist Emma Goldman wikiquote | wikipedia). So, before they do, head over to the Irish Blog Awards and vote for your favourite blogs in many and various categories, including: Best Blog, Post or Humorous Post, Best Photo Blog, Group Blog, or Newcomer, Best Arts and Culture, Political, Personal, Technology, Sport and Recreation, News, Business, Specialist, or Music, Blog, Best Videocast, Podcast and Podcaster, and my personal favourite, Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere. Knock yourself out.

OscarWhile you’re there, vote for Lex Ferenda in Best Newcomer, and Best Specialist Blog, and for Irish Election in Best Blog, Best Group Blog, and Best News/Current Affairs Blog. More eagerly-awaited and controversial than the Oscars, the awards themselves will take place on March 3rd in the Alexander Hotel. Look out for the usual mix of prima donna nominees, over the top acceptance speeches from the winners, insincere congratulations from the losers, and terrible dress sense from everyone. I’m sure that the Hollywood gathering the previous week will be tame by comparison.

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