And so, to BarCamp Dublin

picture-4.pngFulfilling a promise rashly made ages ago, I spoke at BarCamp Dublin (blog | wiki) in the Digital Exchange on Crane Street in the Digital Hub (maps here and here) yesterday morning.

Once I had surmounted the usual technological glitches, this is me (click on the image for a bigger version, if you dare!) in full flow trying to cover the following issues:

Eoin at BarCamp Defamation, Privacy,
Obscenity, Hate Speech, Contempt,
Copyright, Threatening Speech,
Workplace speech issues,
Bloggers as Journalists,
and Soft Controls

For what they’re worth, my powerpoint slides are here, but were no more than a starting point for discussion (and anyway, TJ’s already done it much better here; see Sarah’s reaction here).

Update (26 April 2007): EFF have recently updated their legal guide for bloggers; whilst in Monday’s Media Guardian (hat tip: Media Law Prof Blog), Alice Gould writes about The blogosphere, the law and the printed word:

Anyone wanting to publish material posted on social networking sites, or other sites, needs to check the site’s terms and conditions to see who owns the material and whether it can legally be reproduced.

Update (4 May 2007): 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know (hat tip: Freedom to Differ)

Update (17 May 2007): I’ve just found this podcast of the event in which TJ delivered the presentation mentioned above.