Workshop present

tcd crest, via tcd Law SchoolThe Dublin Legal Workshop is a series of public lectures hosted by the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin (map here). At present, there are two streams to the Workshop: an evening stream (usually on Tuesdays) which is largely a forum in which external speakers can share ideas in Trinity; and an afternoon stream (usually every second Wednesday lunchtime during term) in which members of the Law School’s research community of staff and postgraduate research students present works in progress.

Aoife Daly, via TCD Law SchoolUpdate (18 April 2007): Today This week, in the lunchtime stream, on Wednesday 18 April 2007, at 1pm, Aoife Daly, PhD student in the School of Law, Research Fellow at the Children’s Research Centre in Trinity College Dublin, and Visiting Lecturer at the Irish Centre for Human Rights in NUI Galway, will present a paper entitled:

The Implementation of the International Right of Children to be Heard in Proceedings that Affect them.

As always, if you are interested, please do come along; if past sessions are anything to go by(*), this should be an enjoyable and informative presentation.

* And yes, I do know that past performance is no guarantee of future results. And terms and conditions apply!