The new physics of lawyering

OneWebDayVia Susan Crawford, I have learned about OneWebDay (to find out more, click on the link and the image at the left).

And today, her post on The new legal physics is quite simply superb; her closing paragraph is more full of insight than anything else I have read this year:

Nothing ever goes away. Law firms aren’t going to disappear in my lifetime. But it does seem to me that lawyers will have to evolve to deal with a system that is vastly different from what was in place just twenty years ago. Everyone has access to all the information, so lawyers can’t charge for looking things up. They can only stay “off the treadmill” if they let go of the idea that they have some omniscient brooding right to charge for the kinds of tasks they used to do. Like newspapers, movie studios, telephone companies, and post offices, lawyers will have to adapt to the new physics of the internet.

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