Arrest, lay litigant, sentence

Four Courts dome, via the website.Law reports from Monday’s Irish Times:

Offences must correspond under European Arrest Warrant

MJELR v Laks (High Court, 14 January 2009, Peart J) [2009] IEHC 3

An application for the surrender of Polish man to serve a 10-month sentence in Poland under a European Arrest Warrant was refused on the basis that there was not sufficient correspondence between the offence and an offence under Irish law to meet the terms of the European Arrest Warrant Act, 2003 (also here).

Lay litigant loses challenges to District Court judges

Tracey v Malone (High Court, 20 January 2009, Cooke J) [2009] IEHC 14

A law litigant who sought a series of rulings against Judge Miriam Malone and Judge Bridget Reilly of the District Court failed in his application and received a declaration confirming his entitlement to retain a professional stenographer at his own expense.

Appeal court says determinate sentence preferable to life sentence

DPP v PS (Court of Criminal Appeal, 28 January 2009) Finnegan J (Budd and Irvine JJ concurring) [2009] IECCA 1

The applicant was entitled to credit for an early plea of guilty, co-operation with the Garda and the early and apparently genuine expression of remorse and this justified a lesser sentence than life imprisonment. However, account must be taken of his continuing danger to the public, meriting a significant period of post-release supervision.

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