Rethinking Law – Law Student Colloquium at TCD

Greek Symposium image.Are you a Law student, undergraduate or postgraduate? Would you like to present a short paper or give a presentation on a legal topic of your choice at a colloquium at TCD on Saturday 4 April 2009?

Individual presentations will last 10-15 minutes. Prospective participants may consider presenting a paper on a topic in which they are personally interested or have conducted research for an essay or article. Whatever the topic, and reflecting the title Rethinking Law, proposals should challenge existing law or current understandings of law. For further information, including how to submit an abstract, visit the website or send an email to the organisers as soon as possible.

This is a wonderful idea. I love the fact that it is entirely general, soliciting contributions on all aspects of the law. Moreover, whilst there are now are now lots of outlets for postgraduates, this colloquium – uniquely, and excitingly – also solicits submissions from undergraduates. Indeed, it actively welcomes their (your) participation on the day, whether by presenting papers or as members of the audience. So, what are you waiting for? Send that email now!

Update: the deadline for submission of abstracts has been extended to 5:00pm on 16 February 2009, so send that email now!