Safer Internet Day, 2009

Safer Internet Day, 2009 logo, via NCTE website.Safer Internet Day takes place each year in February to promote safer and more responsible use of internet and mobile phone technologies; this year, it’s today, 10 February (last year’s is blogged here). An excellent contribution to this issue is the ongoing EU Kids Online project at the LSE, funded by the EU’s Safer Internet plus Programme.

As the Irish contribution to Safer Internet Day, the Office for Internet Safety, the National Centre for Technology in Education, the National Parents Council (Primary), Childline, and the Hotline will host a joint Safer Internet Day event in Dublin to launch a TV and online awareness raising campaign focusing on the issue of cyberbullying.

Updates: media reports: BBC | Guardian | Irish Times | Telegraph | Times Online | Silicon Republic | Sydney Morning Herald | Mathias Klang. Also: Social networking firms sign up to kids’ protection deal | Safer social networking and self regulation | Kids online: Parents need to regulate, says Ofcom.

Quick comment: this is all well and good, but every day should be safer internet day.