Cover of 'The Lexicon' via IPKatIn no particular order, here a few posts which caught my eye recently which update issues on which I have blogged on this site.

I am Chicken (Hear Me Squawk…) updates Chicken Soup for the academic soul

The crossed purposes of legal education updates The Goals of a Law School Education

Students have been sold a lie (hat tip Ninth Level Ireland) updates Laptops in class

Dancing with a pole. That’s not pole-dancing, is it? updates Censoring Theatre in Britain and Ireland

Memories in cyberspace and Looking back to Apple’s future update two of the Three internet tropes

Client Fraud and the Lawyer, Madoff victims could reach 3m, say lawyers, New claim of €1.8m made against O’Brien and O’Brien ordered to repay €1.85m update More on Madoff, O’Brien, and Restitution

Wilders heads to Supreme Court
updates Incitement

Friday fripperies (the source of the picture, above right) updates Harry Potter copyright update

Alarm sounded over wi-fi networks updates Just when are wardriving and piggybacking illegal?

A fifth of gay people tried suicide – study updates Ethical reporting of suicide [Further update here]

ICO urges organisations to promise to do better on privacy and Staggering absence of data protection officers, ‘DPO survey – the results’ (pdf) update Happy Data Privacy Day, 2009!

Reports of My Death are Exactly Right puts a rather different spin on Mark Twain’s exercise of the Privilege of the Grave

It’s Culture, Not Morality (hat tip: Ninth Level Ireland) updates Plagiarising ‘plagiarism’

And, by way of light relief, Courtoons hilariously updates Legal Citation.