Cowengate follow-on: a question, and more pictures at the exhibitions

Emerson, Lake and Palmer performing their 1971 album version of Pictures at an Exhibition

The Cowengate controversy certainly caught the imagination this week; and, by way of update to my earlier posts on the topic, I’ve collected some more links about the affair below. Perusing the coverage in print, broadcast, and online, a question has repeatedly occurred to me: for all that there was online outrage, how much of it was reflected in the print or broadcast media? My impression is that whilst online commentary reflected and often relied upon the print or broadcast media, there was (by and large) very little traffic the other way. Is this a fair assessment? Answers, please, in the comments below.

[The remainder of the post is another compendium of links relating to the Cowengate controversy].

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PS I wonder what Guido or Ian Dale – let alone Political Betting – would have made of Cowengate if it had happened in the UK?

* In my view (against some tough opposition, in bold in this post and the earlier link-fest) Sentence First’s post Saints, censors and satire is the best piece I’ve come across about this whole silly saga.