20 slides, 5 minutes, 1 nervous speaker

This is a recipe for Ignite talks, and my TCD colleague Conor Houghton recently organised the first Ignite event in Dublin. Ignite Dublin #1 was a great event, with lots of interesting people saying, doing or performing lots of interesting things. And now, by the power of a YouTube channel, you too can have the benefit of the evening.

Here’s a rather nervous me doing one of the talks: “Blasphemy, sedition, indecency: constitutional crimes in cyberspace” (the still which the YouTube gods have chosen to use from the clip is not the most flattering pose I’ve ever struck):

But don’t judge the night on just one talk. Have a look at the other presentations and performances on the YouTube channel, and if you like the idea, check out Ignite Dublin #2, coming soon to a Science Gallery near you. I’ll be there, but this time in the audience.