The litigious Prince

From one of my favourite fun blogs, Being Five, a cartoon strip called The Artist:

George on The Artist

Being Five is a comic strip about a kid named Georgie who blogs using voice recognition software (since he can’t read or write yet). In the first panel, his friend Vince is visiting, and Georgie introduces introduces him as the best artist in kindergarten.
In the second panel, Vince says that he wants to be called Picasso in future.
In the third panel, Georgie says: “Ok, here’s a picture by the Artist formerly known as Vince”.

The notoriously litigious artist now once again known as Prince has of late been on the receiving end of an action for breach of contract in Ireland. Having abruptly cancelled a gig in Dublin scheduled for 16 June 2008, the promoters of the concert, MCD, began an action against him in December 2008. Procedural matters came to court in May, October and December 2009. The matter was heard in February 2010, which settled. However, the singer failed to honour the settlement, and MCD returned to court in March and April, seeking to enforce the agreement. I doubt that this is the last we’ll hear either of this case or of Prince in court. In the meantime, See Mike Draw and The Rut have an acerbic view of the litigious Prince on Pencils at Dawn: