Irish artist seeks copyright to his iconic portrait of Che Guevara – The Irish Times – Wed, Feb 16, 2011


RENOWNED ARTIST Jim Fitzpatrick has launched a legal bid to finally secure the rights to his famous picture of Che Guevara.

The artist, also known for his Thin Lizzy album covers, never received royalties for his iconic black-and-red 1968 picture of the Argentine revolutionary, based on a photograph by Alberto Korda.

The image has featured around the world on everything from T-shirts to cereal boxes to movie promotions.

Art expert Dr Martin Kemp has rated the portrait among the world’s top 10 iconic images, which include those of Christ and the Mona Lisa.

Fitzpatrick said he wants to establish ownership of the image so he can hand over the rights to the Guevara family and the Cuban people.