Pensive mood

As I’ve said before on this blog, Being Five is one of my favourite fun blogs. Here’s a recent cartoon strip called Pensive:

Georgie being Pensive, but interrupted by Cookies

Being Five is a comic strip about a kid named Georgie who blogs using voice recognition software (since he can’t read or write yet).

In the first panel, he says: “People are getting to know me by reading my blog! They’re realising that I’m a very deep, pensive, philosophical, insightful little fella!” (Just like I hope readers of this blog regard me).

In the second panel, Georgie is startled by a voice (presumably his mother’s, from downstairs) calling “Georgie, I baked cookies”.

In the third panel, Georgie repsonds manically: “COOKIES!” (At this point, I deny all similarities).