Should academics, lawyers, and academic lawyers blog?

I hope to write a post early next week on my main blog about whether legal academics should blog. There are lots of angles here, including

– legal (professional and ethical considerations),

– academic (how, if at all, does it contribute to teaching, research, administration, society – update – and, importantly, whether and there should be institutional recognition for it),

– form (what form a blog should take, and how if at all should be it be supported by twitter and other forms of social media).

I have sketched out a lot of my own thoughts, and have quite a lengthy draft post already, but I know that I will have overlooked obvious points, so I thought I would try to harness the wisdom of crowds but putting this plea out there:

if you have any thoughts at all on the issue, please let me know.

A tweet, a link to an interesting source (blawggers, twitterers, websites), a comment, and email, even a carrier pigeon, would be great.

As Shakespeare might have put it:

The image is via

Any and all thoughts gratefully recevied.

Many thanks, Eoin.