Print is Dead; Long Live the Word (Britannica Stops the Presses) by Deven Desai


Print is Dead. Long Live the Word. Britannica Stops the Presses. Welcome to the Henry Blake cliche festival. CNN Money reports that after 244 years the print edition of Britannica will no longer be offered. As many may recall, one study indicated the Wikipedia was more accurate than Britannica

But let’s not obsess over print. … Today the print edition is $1395. … Digital divide and access to knowledge discussions can miss that the cost of the set would cover Internet access for 20 months. … Digital also is a dream for the look it up model. … Will folks pay for the online version at $70 per year? I would guess not.

So go with God, Britannica. Thank you for the years of service and enhancing my childhood. And congratulations on your new form. Like those in Good To Great, you have ditched the old method and seek to play in the new space. It is a bet, but it you are in the correct game and that is good.