Some recent podcasts on regulating (the) Meta(verse) and understanding copyright

Headphones and podcastI did a few podcasts recently. First, I chatted with the Irish Independent‘s Adrian Weckler on his Big Tech Show:

What is Facebook’s new metaverse?

Will we all switch over to a new, more integrated virtual reality to socialise, play, work and shop? That’s what Mark Zuckerberg thinks is going to happen. He and Facebook are now about to start building this ‘metaverse’, partly in Ireland.

How will it benefit our lives? How might it hurt our lives? To dig deeper into what the metaverse will and won’t be, Adrian is joined by Bloomberg’s technology editor Nate Lanxon and TCD professor Eoin O’Dell. The panel take a look at how the metaverse will work and what the privacy and regulatory implications might be.

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A little time later, I looked at the possible regulatory consequences of France Haugen‘s revelations about Facebook with Jess Kelly on Newstalk’s Tech Talk podcast:

Facebook is Meta …

Jess looks at the rebrand of Facebook to Meta. Dr Eoin O’Dell discusses upcoming legislation and Emmet Ryan explains what impact it will have on the issues facing the company. …

Finally, on a completely different note, I chatted with the Irish Times journalist Karlin Lillington about all things copyright on the fantastic Walled Culture podcast:

The copyright creation myth, a permission-based society, and EU vs US copyright law

Dr. Eoin O’Dell, Associate Professor of Law at Trinity College Dublin (Dublin University), explains some copyright fundamentals: its origins and basic premises, the creation myth, the shift to a permission-based society, and the differences between the EU and US approaches.

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