I’ve been getting lots of emails and comments asking for legal advice, but I’m not a practitioner, so please don’t ask me for specific advice. If you need legal advice, you should consult a practising lawyer – in Ireland, that means you should talk to a solicitor.

I’m sorry to have to put this in, but the validity of this kind of thing has been upheld in the courts, and the legalese isn’t too bad, so please keep reading.

This blog is not intended to convey, and should not be construed as or used as a substitute for, legal advice. It is written for general, informational purposes, and reading it does not create a lawyer-client relationship. Moreover, this blog is always under construction, and the contents are always changing, in part because I change my mind on issues a lot – so please do not rely on any post as a comprehensive or current statement of the law on any of the issues discussed. No responsibility of any kind is accepted for any reliance you may place on anything I have written here; but if you do find any of my many errors or omissions, please let me know about them. I write here in a personal capacity, and neither my employer nor any other group, body or company with which I am associated has approved of or endorsed the blog, and they are in no way responsible for anything I might say here. The contents of this blog are simply my opinions, and I do not intend to malign anyone; but if you disagree with something I have written about you, please let me know.

I retain copyright in what I write here, but – as I say on the About page – I am happy for you to use it on foot of a Creative Commons licence. By the same token, I respect other people’s copyright, and any quotations I take from other sources are always acknowledged; and, where necessary, they are either licensed or constitute fair dealing; However, if you think that I have gone beyond that in using some of your material, please let me know. Many of the images on this site are sourced externally, but this is always acknowledged in the alt field, and there is always a click-through to the source. There are lots of links in my posts, but I am not in any way responsible for the content of sites linked from here – such sites are the responsibility of those who maintain them; complain to them, not to me (but if an outside site has been compromised in some way, and so is not what it was supposed to be, please let me know so that I can amend or remove the now-inaccurate link).

I’m always happy to to discuss interesting issues, so if you’d like to discuss an issue with me, please do not hesitate either to get in touch or to leave a comment to a post.

Thanks for dropping by.


Last updated: 11 January 2012.

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