Blogging on the Radio

I believe it to be the case that RTE used to broadcast Irish dancing on the radio, not just the sound of music for Irish dancing, but the sound of feet dancing. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but in retrospect it seems a bit surreal. I was reminded of that today, listening to a programme in BBC Radio 4‘s ‘Meet the Bloggers‘ short series.

Blogging on the radio seems as surreal as dancing on the radio. However today’s programme, (the second in the series) was a fascinating insight into the diverse motivations of personal bloggers. In the best BBC tradition, the series has integrated the series and the web rather well, with a good list of blog resources and a comments roll on the programme’s page on the website. I used the page to listen to last week’s show, and to check out the blogs mentioned in the programmes (I partciularly like delicately written petite anglaise from this week).

This kind of symbiosis is one of the great strengths of the web: blog leads to radio show, which has website and resources, which increase listeners, and leads to more blogging (such as this one), and so on. And, athough the programme was a bit worthy, I will listen to the remainder of the series, and (I hope) continue blogging.