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Shedding some light on Ireland’s Family Law cases

Carol Coulter, currently Legal Affairs Correspondent of the Irish Times, has been appointed by the Courts Service as a family law reporter to record and produce reports on family law proceedings for distribution to the media and the public. According to the press release, the appointment will be for a 12-month pilot in the first instance, to identify how information on the work of the Family Law Courts can be best disseminated to the Judiciary, the wider legal community, the media and the general public.

The importance of this enlightened appointment cannot be overstated. According to Art 34.1 of the Constitution, justice is to be administered in public, except in such special and limited cases as may be prescribed by law. Although s45(1) of the Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act, 1961 provides that justice may be administered otherwise than in public in family law matters, this is neither an impregnable wall of silence nor an impenetrable veil of secrecy, nor ought it to be. Better information to the public and the legal profession can be achieved with due regard to the delicacies attendant upon reporting about such delicate issues. I wish Carol all the very best in her new, and crucial, appointment.

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  1. […] appointment of Dr Carol Coulter as Family Law Reporter was welcomed here last October. Today’s Irish Times (both on the front page and in a special report inside) […]

  2. Lady Portia says:

    The appointment of Carol is most welcome indeed, but I want to know if the cases she was allowed into court to report on were pre chosen.

    If so, then the research is useless.!!!!

    I have been researching for 14 yrs now and that is done by meeting with those involved and seeing the evidence of what is going on.

    Oh I could write for hours on this.

    Have you read The Gulag of the Family Court by Jack Frost??

    I did my thesis on this years ago, but what was in the books is not how it is in reality- behind the secret walls lie a dark secret.

    It has nothing to do with protecting childrens identity either, but that is a good trick as people tend to believe these people care about the children.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh – ON NO THEY DONT.!!!

    They are after your money and they will use every trick in the book to play on your emotions and pit you against your partner and children and then drag that case on and milk it for all it is worth till you are bled dry.

    Then they move onto their next victim who is blind to what awaits them.

    Believe me – they will even threaten to take your children and have them in various research units before tea time.

    If you believe for one moment that they wont- then you are as naieve as I was 14 years ago.

    They work in herds and think in herds.

    People have to learn all about the psychology these people use abd be ready for them in advance- otherwise you will be bled of all your energy and money and left to die.

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