Hello, world

I have been blogging since about the end of last September – first in a very private offline way just to get the hang of it; then online but behind a firewall, just to get the hang of the wordpress platform. I had always intended that the draft posts composed in these trials would be available as an archive when the blog went fully live. But I reckoned without the great god of blogging, who sent two scourges upon me. The combined result is that I’ve lost about 25% of the draft or shadow posts; and whilst I have reconstructed some of them, I’ve decided to bit the bullet and just simply go live now without any further backfilling.

The world has lost my thoughts on: various aspects of funding and policy in the Irish university sector; conferences I attended in the last few months on privacy, defamation and broadcasting; some cases on freedom of expression, privacy, restitution and copyright; and some random musings about life, the universe and everything. I’m sure the world will survive. But since these are themes which interest me, I’m sure that I will return to these issues in the future, so the world will get my ideas on them whether it wants them or not. So, as of now, the offline drafting is over; the firewall is down; the passwords are gone. Ready or not, here I come.

Hello, world!

Hello world, image of compiler code, originally from cs.siue.edu