I like Slaw

SLAW header via slaw.ca

The title refers not to a salad of shredded brassica (though I like that too), but rather to slaw, which is one of my daily must-reads. It describes itself as a “co-operative weblog about Canadian legal research and IT, etc” (I especially like the “etc”), and it is a frequent source of many things I save to del.icio.us. But two recent posts are just crying out to be shared even more widely than that.

In the first post, Kim Nayer referred to two presentations at the SLA Legal Division 2007 Conference, one by Nathan Rosen on legal wikis, the other by Thomas Fleming on Legal Research for the Google Generation (warning: they’re both powerpoints, but well worth the effort). The other post, by Agnese Caruso, brought “What’s new on the legal web” to my attention (American focussed, but very useful).

Thanks to Kim and Agnese, and especially to slaw!

PS. As is always the way, ten minutes after I had published this post, it occurred to me that it really should have been called Slaw is del.icio.us!

SLAW header via slaw.ca