Sage transatlantic advice

Harry Arthurs, via the Osgoode website.A little late, from Law is Cool, with added links, an extract from a recent speech by Prof Harry Arthurs (pictured) which is as relevant to graduates on this side of the pond as it is in Canada:

Success Should not come at Expense of Social Justice

By: Law is Cool Contributor · August 22, 2008 · Filed Under Law Career, Pro Bono ·  

York University President Emeritus Harry Arthurs told graduands at Spring Convocation ceremonies last [June] …,

…if you have abilities, if you have resources and opportunities, you also have an obligation to use them on behalf of people who don’t.

Arthurs, a renowned labour law scholar, graduated with his law degree from the University of Toronto in 1958.

A video of his speech is available here.

There is more on the speech, with photos and background, here. Arthurs was honoured with an honorary Doctorate in Laws at the same Convocation for his outstanding contributions to university education and legal research.

A keynote speech at a major summer graduation ceremony is a feature of North American universities but not (so far as I am aware) of many UK or Irish universities. If they were all like this one, it would be an excellent idea to import. For the importance of the advice cannot be underestimated, not can the impact that it would make at the time it was given.