Plagiarising ‘plagiarism’

Turnitin logo, via TCD websiteOn the eternal question of what constitutes plagiarism, via Critical Mass, a post that speaks for itself:

Welcome to the desert of the real

I know you ask yourself constantly: “What does plagiarism look like in the age of simulacrum?” Now we know:

In 2007, after several high-profile plagiarism scandals, Southern Illinois University released a 17-page report on how to deal with the issue. The report includes a lengthy definition of plagiarism, explaining exactly what does and does not merit the dreaded “p” word.

One problem: That definition appears to have been plagiarized.

The 139-word definition used in the report is nearly identical to the definition adopted by Indiana University in 2005. …

… Now if I were a clever postmodernist, I would have just posted Margaret Soltan’s analogous post here in lieu of my own. But I’m not that clever …

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