Review: MOBiLE CLOTH — quickly clean your iPhone and iPad screen – iPhone J.D.

The MOBiLE CLOTH is a 9 inch by 9 inch cloth made of microfiber.  When you touch the cloth it instantly sticks to your fingers because of the large number of tightly woven microfiber nubs.  It feels a little strange at first, almost like you are touching something that is sticky as if you are touching cotton candy.  But the stickiness is simply the result of the way that the microfibers are woven, and it makes this cloth much more powerful at picking up dust than those lens cloths that I have used for years with my eyeglasses.


Does it work?  Yes, amazingly well.  For example, the other day I had been typing on my iPad screen using the virtual keyboard, and when I was done my screen was covered with smudges, dust, etc.  It would have taken a lot of rubbing on a shirt to try to clean it off, and even using a normal lens cloth it would take a short while to get this clean.  But with simply a few quick swipes of the MOBiLE CLOTH, the screen looked amazing. 

The full post is even more laudatory. The MOBiLE CLOTH sounds like a great product (even if the almost all-capital name is a bit silly). I hate smudges too, and I look forward to trying it out for myself.