Points for Law on the second round

Central Applications Office animated logo, via their siteThe Central Applications Office (logo left) processes all applications to first year undergraduate courses in the country’s various third level institutions. Offers are made for places on courses based results in the Leaving Certificate. The first round of offers was August 20; and the acceptance deadline was August 27. By then, a record total of 37,645 applicants had accepted offers – more than three-quarters of the 49,862 offers made. This morning, the CAO made a second round of offers to another 1,185 college applicants. Effectively, for a few courses, the points level will have dropped. Very few law courses made second round offers, but the few changes to the points I set out in a previous post are as follows (the round 1 points are listed first; the round 2 points are listed second in bold):

            Points Required for Entry to 2012 Level 8 Courses

University College Cork
CK302 Law and French 515 500
CK304 Law and Irish 530* 530
CK305 Law (Clinical) 535 530
CK306 Law (International) 550* 550

Dublin Business School
DB514 Business and Law 235 195
DB568 Law 275 230

NUI Galway
GY250 Corporate Law 350 340