Law of Blogs; Blogs of Law

I’ve offered to speak at BarCamp Dublin. I’ve even got so far as a proposed title. It’s the one I’ve used as the title to this post. “Law of Blogs; Blogs of Law”. But I’ve not really got any further. So, if you have an inspiration or suggestions, I’d be grateful to have them.

Yes, yes; I do know that the suggested title is self-referentially post-modern. I just liked it. But I’ll change it if you come up with a better one.

Update (14 Feb 2007): Thanks to those who have made comments (below), or sent emails off-blog. I think that bloggers face many potential legal problems, from the obvious defamation and copyright issues to perhaps-not-so-obvious privacy and data protection matters. But there will be lots of other legal questions which other, more experienced, bloggers have already encountered that have not come my way yet. And I’d like more about those. Bernard’s query below – whether it will be “Tort 101: Law of tort for blogging?” – may not be too wide of the mark. I suspect that my ‘talk’ will be more in the nature of a freewheeling discussion arising organically from the concerns of bloggers present than a pre-structured presentation dreamed up by me in the quiet moments in my office (in part becuase there are none!); but I’d nevertheless like some steer as to what those concerns might be. Hence the call for suggestions.

Update (22 Feb 2007): The slides are now available here.