The shape of things to come?

Posted in Slaw, a view of the present state of the Supreme Court of Canada:

Top Court Truly Wired

Simon reported from the Lexum Conference on Justice Bastarache’s speech on the Supreme Court of Canada’s technology plans.

Completely unofficially, here is a picture from last Wednesday, showing the extent of the court’s commitment – every place at the counsel table is wired, the central desk from which counsel addresses the court looks like a command centre. [Click on the image to enlarge it.]

Supreme Court of CanadaI didn’t have a chance to peek behind the judges’ area – I suspect that is permanently off-limit to mere mortals – but I suspect that the bench will be similarly wired. As the court moves to digital factums, counsel will need to be nimble with the mouse as well as the orator’s tongue.

When will we see similar technology in the (still unfortunately overworked) Irish Supreme Court?