How to make Contract Law interesting?

This one, from Contracts Prof Blog, speaks for itself:

Relive your 1L Contracts class at home! With better looking people!

A After what has seemed to most Contracts professors an unconscionably long time, the TV series The Paper Chase has finally come out on video.  Technically, it's called "season one" although there was only one season on the original CBS program in 1978-79.  Three additional seasons were run on Showtime starting in 1983, which allowed the protagonist, "Mr. Hart," to graduate Harvard in only four years.

On the Amazon web site (linked above) you can see a riveting clip dealing with (among other things) whether one who performs the service requested by a reward offer can recover if he was unaware of the reward.  The growing tension among the students who offer different answers is . . . palpable. 

It doesn't get any better than this.

[Frank Snyder; h/t Scott Burnham]

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