Another Top 10 Online Free Speech Resources

Censorship jpg via ReadWriteWebAs regular readers of this blog will know, the right to freedom of expression – broadly interpreted – is one of my main areas of research and teaching. Many of my favourite internet resources relating to free speech can be seen in my blogroll and the list of badges in the sidebars on the right. Via Kate Sutherland on Twitter, I see that Kurt Hopkins has a great post on ReadWriteWeb about his Top 10 Online Free Speech Resources. In particular, he listed institutional resources which are accessible to anyone, provide original news or analysis, and are frequently updated. It’s a great idea; indeed, it’s such a good idea,

I’m going to copy it, and – without overlapping Kurt’s choices – list another top 10 online free speech resources below the jump (in broadly alphabetical order):

  • Article XIX is a global campaign for freedom of expression, and its news service is an excellent means of staying up to date on freedom of expression and freedom of information developments worldwide.
  • Chilling Effects Weather Reports Chilling Effects is a joint venture between EFF and various leading US law school clinics which promotes understanding of US free speech and intellectual property protections online, and its Weather Reports provide important updates on US legal developments.
  • The First Amendment Law Prof Blog is a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network devoted to news about First Amendment developments.
  • The Free Speech Blog is a first rate blog maintained by the Index on Censorship, Britain’s leading organisation promoting freedom of expression. Index is famous for its magazine covering a range of free speech issues, and its website, news feed, and blog now provide up-to-the-minute news and information on free expression from around the world.
  • The Guardian Freedom of Speech blog is one of the many jewels in the Guardian newspaper’s online crown. It is quite simply a superb resource. Essential reading for anyone with an interest with freedom of expression.
  • Inforrm’s Blog is a great blog. The International Forum for Responsible Media, (Inforrm for short), debates issues of media responsibility, and the blog provides a great deal of information about and analysis of legal developments relating to freedom of expression in the UK (where they are based) and worldwide.
  • The International Freedom of Expression eXchange network (IFEX) is a highly effective global network promoting freedom of expression and challenging censorship worldwide, and it provides an invaluable and comprehensive information service, on its website and via weekly alerts, a communiqué and a digest of headlines.
  • The International Press Institute Blog is an excellent means of keeping up with the work of a global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists dedicated to the furtherance and safeguarding of press freedom worldwide.
  • The Media Law Prof Blog is a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network devoted to news about US media law developments.
  • Privacy International is a human rights group which campaigns across the world to protect people against intrusion upon privacy by governments and corporations, and one strand of their work looks at freedom of expression from the perspective of privacy.

Finally, Kurt’s list of top 10 online institutional free speech resources contains the following nine(!) resources:

Kurt has promised to return to the issue by listing the personal blogs and Twitter accounts he finds most useful. So will I. In the meantime, what are your favourite online fee speech resources?