Shatter to revisit Privacy Bill over photos – The Irish Times

The Minister for Justice Alan Shatter is to revisit the Privacy Bill in the wake of the Irish Daily Star’s publication of topless photos of Kate Middleton.

In a statement this evening, Mr Shatter said: … “It is my intention to revisit the provisions of the Privacy Bill 2006 which was reinstated to the Seanad Order paper following the formation of the Government, to consider what changes should be made to it in the context of developments that have taken place since its first publication and to then progress its enactment,” …

The Minister’s statement is here. I’m not surprised at this development. But it is unfortunate. The Bill is a good idea, but very flawed. It would have been better if the Minister had announced that, not only was he going to revive the Bill, but also that he would bring forward amendments to it, to address its flaws.